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Plating is done on an object that is beautification and decoration, increasing the life span, toughening a certain object and many more. And not just on metals, plating can be done on a wide variety of surfaces but today we are going to focus on plastic chrome plating.

Plastic chrome plating is a kind of finishing treatment that utilizes the electrolytic deposition of chromium. We specialize in plastic chrome plating most types of automobile and heavy duty truck parts. In additional, we also offer custom and OEM plastic chrome plating service. Yulin Enterprise takes special care in the plastic chrome plating service to assure you get the highest quality possible.

Yulin electroplating that base material is made by plastic, ABS or ABS+PC, and the plastic will be metalized. We use the platic chrome plating in grille, mirror cover, door handle, wheel cover, bug deflector, emblem, nameplate and so on. If you need more information or demands, we welcome you can give us inquiries or contact us.

Plastic Plating - Bug Deflector
Bug Deflector
Plastic Plating - Emblem
Plastic Plating - Grille
Plastic Plating - LED Door Handle
LED Door Handle
Plastic Plating - Mirror Cover
Mirror Cover
Plastic Plating - Satin Nickel
Satin Nickel
Plastic Plating - Truck Bezel
Truck Bezel
Plastic Plating - Truck Bezel
Truck Bezel
Plastic Plating - Up Truck Grille
Up Truck Grille

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